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It's very simple to use Qodeup. You enter in the restaurant, scan the qr code and browse the menu

Approved F.I.C.

Italian Chefs Federation

Beware of imitations. Qodeup is the only digital menu approved by the Italian Chefs Federation. For a more innovative, attentive and safe restaurant.


Compliant with regulations

The paper menus pass from hand to hand and do not guarantee hygiene to the customer. Everything that ends up on the customer's table must be sanitized with each use. The best solution nowadays is to abandon old habits and take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers.


Here's what our menu looks like


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Customize the menu graphics

Each activity has its own style and colors. Why shouldn't your digital menu have them?

See some examples of customization → See some examples of customization ↓


With Qodeup it is easy to report them and you are in compliance with the law.

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Give a valuable service to the customers with a different diet!

Why limit yourself to having the menu in one language, when you can have it in 100?

Increase sales with foreign customers by offering the menu in their language. A customer who understands the menu is inclined to spend more.

Customers can order directly from their smartphone. The orders will arrive on a tablet or PC in the kitchen and at the bar.

The functionality is optional and can be disabled

why switch to Qodeup?


The qodeup menu is cheaper than making paper menus that require costs for reprints and costs for graphic design. In addition, a paper menu limits the possibility of changes by the restaurateur and chef

it increases the sales

The images encourage the customer to order more dishes. Allergen filters reassure intolerants who will order more serenely with Qodeup. An increase in the average receipt of the 27%.


Every year tons of paper are wasted to reprint the menus, either for deterioration, or for the need to update them and renew the offer. With Qodeup you don't waste even a sheet.

let's plant!

For every new customer who enters Qodeup a plant comes to life. Not only do we save paper by making the menu digital, but we help make our environment a little greener by planting new trees.


already planted trees

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To date we have already planted 11.872!

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We do it!

Our staff is available to insert your menu. In order to have this service is necessary to subscribe to 3 months for only € 29.90/month and has no additional costs.

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To know more

All the things you want to know on our menu


The subscription costs € 29.90 / month + VAT, with quarterly advance payment.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, you don't have any type of restriction or penalty.

The qodeup subscription does not bind you to annual contracts, it is renewed every 3 months.

When ordering the subscription, you can choose whether to insert a credit card or an IBAN

Certainly, when ordering, qodeup requests billing data from the customer and, if provided, Qodeup will proceed to send the invoice electronically to the customer


A neural learning artificial intelligence developed by Qodeup will think about translating your menu into all the languages of the world. Make yourself comfortable, Qodeup will take care of the rest.

The order from the table is a feature that the restaurant owner can activate or deactivate, if it were active instead of sending the waiter to take the order, the customer can forward it directly to the bar and in the kitchen

If you have finished the ingredients for the preparation or you just don't want to offer the dish that day, you can simply hide it from the menu. Very useful also in case of offer with variable dishes of the day

For qodeup the identity of each activity is very important! Just log in, and go to the settings where you will find all the settings to make your digital menu unique

The customer, through the specific function, selects the allergens to which he is intolerant and Qodeup will think about showing him only the dishes he can eat. Qodeup, in compliance with the legislation, reports the 14 most common allergens.

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